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Program Goals

I wrote this paper for my Communication Capstone class. It is a Q and A about what I have learned while attending HACC. It also highlights why I have chosen the communication field, and what I have gotten out of being a student at HACC.

  1. What inspired you to be a Communication major?

Writing for multiple blogs/websites was one of my inspirations as to why I wanted to become a communications major. The biggest inspiration of all though, was (Toys, Tots, Pets, and More) use to be known as “Time to play mag.” I have been a follower of this website since 2010-2011, they were just starting out, and what they do for their fans and the companies they worked with is amazing. Jim Silver, Christopher Byrne, and then Laurie Leahey are people that I feel I would want to be around. They seem to love the job they do, and have fun at the same time. I would love the opportunity to have a job working with them, or in a field similar to theirs. They are the main reason I started writing and blogging, and now why I am a college student, graduating the Fall.

  1. What was the most significant lesson learned in a Communication course?

The most significant lesson learned in my quest for a degree in communications, is that there is way more to it than I first imagined. I thought that my journalism degree would be all about learning how to write a story, well I was wrong. There is so much more I have learned besides the basics of writing. An example would be my Communication Theory class. I have learned that there is more to communication than just writing and talking to people, it is an actual field of research. This class has helped me learn more about myself, and the world around me by teaching me how communication works and what kinds of research there are in this field, which is a lot. This theory class has even helped me think in a more objective way. I thought I was a more interpretive thinker, but I now realize that I am both, interpretive and objective in my course of thinking. Neither is bad, but I never realized that objective thinking would make sense to me.

  1. What was the most significant lesson learned in a general education course?

The most significant lesson I have learned in a general education course is, how to prepare and give a speech. I am a nervous wreck when it comes to public speaking however, my effective speaking class has helped me opened up a little more. It made me realize that giving a speech in front of my peers is not as scary as I once thought it was. Not only has Effective speaking brought me out of my shell, but it has also shown me how to be a little more compassionate towards others. We had quite a few students in the class that were more nervous than I was, and they would stumble through their speeches. I learned that we all have something that is difficult to us, and if we show compassion towards others, it will help them get through the rough parts, and help their self-esteem.

  1. How to you hope to use what you have learned at HACC in the future?

I hope to use what I learned at HACC to become not only a better writer, but a better person overall. Most of the students in my classes are at least ten years younger than me, and learning to deal with a group of people, who have a different mentality is hard. Group projects have shown me the best and worst of students in college, and the best was great, but the worst taught me to make sure I work hard on what I need to, and not to totally rely on someone else for my grade. Working with people that are so different than I am, has helped me become more understanding. I know I have life experience from being in the military, but a lot of the students were straight out of high school with no work ethic, or life experiences. I helped tutor some of them in English, Math, or however I could. If it was me on the other side of things, I know I would appreciate help and understanding from another student.

  1. What advice would you give to an incoming Communication Program student?

My advice would be to pay attention. Detail is very important in the field of communication and journalism. You are expected to know what you should be doing, and get your homework turned in on time. My Media and Society class had a lot of outside work and research associated with it. If you did not follow directions, and pay attention to the details that the professor gave you, your grade would be low. I know I still need to work on my presentation aspect of school, my final presentation in that class lasted 23 minutes, and was supposed to be 10 minutes. I just have a hard time trying to put in everything instead of just summarizing the project. My second piece of advice is to participate in the campus activities, they do a lot of fun things, and making new friends is great. Having a friendly face or someone to talk to when you are having trouble with a project is a great help, and participating in activities and talking with other students helps with this.


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