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Transfer Prep and Interview Summery.

This post in my e-portfolio is part of my Communication Capstone class. I had to choose a college that I am interested in transferring to, and research then interview or scheduled a meeting with the school. I decided to use this option to learn more about Lebanon Valley College, which has a great digital communications program, and is located 15 minutes from where I live. Part one of this post is my interview prep, researching them, and talking with an admissions specialist from LVC at HACC. Part two of the post is a description of my visit to Lebanon Valley College.


Part one:

The college that am researching is, Lebanon Valley College (LVC). LVC is located in Annville Pennsylvania, just a short 15-minute drive from my house. LVC is a private institution that was founded in 1866. It has a total undergraduate enrollment of 1,721, and utilizes a semester-based academic calendar. I am interested in is the Digital Communications bachelor degree program. There are six concentrations students in the digital communications program can choose from. These concentrations are in business technology, communications, design, programming, user experience, or videography. The concentration I am most interested in is design and user experience. I like that I would have the opportunity to collaborate with faculty, and work with real clients on projects. They design mobile apps, develop advertising campaigns, create branded identities, and develop start-ups and e-business plans. LVC also has a PTK scholarship that offers half off tuition per semester, I like that this is offered to students from HACC.

I met with the director of admissions, Roberto Marti, at the Lebanon campus transfer fair. At this meeting I was able to talk a little bit more about costs, scholarships, and how my military benefits would work with the school. I also learned that I would need four to five semesters at LVC in order to complete my degree. I would also have to do an internship, and that the communication professors would help with finding internships. After I was done speaking with him, I set up a meeting for March 17, 2017 at 10:00 a.m. to meet with him, the financial advisor, and to speak with one of the communication professors. I will also be touring the campus on this day. My main question for this school is whether or not my post 9/11 Gi Bill would pay for my full tuition. If it does not, then I do not think that I would go to this school. Even with the PTK scholarship the price per semester is just over $22,000 and four to five semesters at that price to complete a degree is just too much debt that I would want to take on.


Part two:

I recently had the opportunity to visit Lebanon Valley College, to discuss my transfer options. I met with admissions, financial aid, and professor of the digital communications department. I also had a student give me a tour of the campus. My main goal in visiting LVC was to find out if my military benefits would be eligible here, and if the digital communications degree fit what I wanted as a student. I met with financial aid, and found out that not only can I use my military benefits to pay for the school, but LVC also participates in the Yellow Ribbon program. The Yellow Ribbon program is for students using military benefits. If the benefits being used does not cover all of the tuition, then the school will cover the remainder of the balance. I really liked this because I want little to no debt after graduating, and since LVC is a private, their tuition is much higher than a public University.

Next I met with Jeff Ritchie a Professor and Department Chair of Digital Communications. He was very helpful in telling me which communication courses from HACC would transfer. He also went over who their program works, and what is expected from the students. He mentioned that the digital communications program has a yearlong capstone class. This piqued my interest, and I asked him what the students do in capstone that requires it to be a yearlong course. He then brought me to a “think tank,” room where students have posted ideas all over the walls. Students in the capstone class work as a group to come up with something new, an app, marketing, something that deals with their field of study. Then they post their work in this room, and students come in and leave remarks on their projects, to help give feedback. I thought this was a very cool idea, and the classes at LVC for digital communication seem like a great fit for me. Professor Richie was warm and welcoming with the few questions I had, and the students smiled and said hi as I passed by.

I then had my student run tour of the campus. I was surprised at the size. Driving by LVC I never thought by looking at it how big the campus really was. Not including the dorms and athletic field, the campus could be the size of HACC’s Harrisburg campus. I think LVC would be a great fit for me, but my benefits will not cover me for another two to three years of school. So at this time I am going to graduate HACC and find a job. If I have trouble in the job market, then I will apply for LVC, and work on getting a Bachelor’s degree. I would recommend this school to others for at least the digital communications degree, and I appreciate how nice everyone I met was. They took time out of their day to talk to me, and show me around the school. I just think that at this point my age hinders me from not wanting debt, and fitting in with the younger crowd that I would be in classes with.


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