About me

About Me


Hello everyone!
My name is Jeanette. I love to write, whether it’s family related topics, traveling with kids, marketing, advertising, or just saying what’s on my mind, almost anything goes. I love helping others, and if you need someone to talk to, know that I am here for you.

A little about me:

I am enrolled at Harrisburg Area Community College studying Communications, with a concentration in Journalism which is super exciting for me! I begin my sixth semester in January 2017, and graduate in the Fall of 2017 ( I only have 4 classes left to take)! I am the Secretary for the Veterans Support Club at the HACC Lebanon Campus, and enjoy helping our local military and veteran members of the community. Once I graduate from HACC I would love to get a job as a travel writer, hopefully working for a travel guide or magazine. One of my other goals is to one day work for ttpm.com (Toys, Tots, Pets, and More). I have followed them for almost seven years, when they were first starting out, and they have inspired me to go back to school for my degree.

More about my family:

I grew up in a military family traveling most of my life, my dad was in the Army. I then decided to join the Navy where I worked as a Machinist Mate on the USS Enterprise. After I left the Navy I became a stay at home mother, and began blogging, because ttpm.com as mentioned above, inspired me.  I love spending time with my two kids, my fluffy cat Misty, and our Blue Tick Beagle Doug (he passed on recently though).  When I am not working we are almost always out and about checking out local attractions, and spending quality time together.


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